The intelligent database GUI.
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Most database GUI's are a thin layer over the raw SQL queries. And while that's great for a lot use cases, I frequently find myself frustrated.

Simple tasks like looking up related records become a complicated series of steps. Trivially preventable typos cost me hours of hunting.

Need an example? Try to find a blog post's author.

No problem, jump from post.author_id to the corresponding

Now find an author's blog posts.

Uhhhh ...

Pretty much every database GUI out there does nothing for this use case. Why? Because there's no foreign key constraint in that direction.

This is the problem.

Because the SQL database has no constraint going the reverse direction, you're stuck copying ids and pasting them into queries.

But this is crazy. Any developer can clearly see that these aren't just foreign key constraints. They are relationships. Why can't my database GUI see it as well?

It turns out - it can.

And it turns out that once you stop thinking of these tools as thin layers over SQL, and instead as databrowsers for your app, it becomes a radically powerful tool.

And that's Tablebase.

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👋 Hey, I'm Dave, creator of Tablebase.

I've long been frustated with existing database GUI tools. They typically offer a nice visual for your queries, but they fall short of actually helping you build & ship your app.

So I'm building Tablebase to do just that. And I'd love to have you join the journey.